Have you established Capacity or structure inability?

Understanding or learning by an employee is described as his or her capacity to understand or learn. Likes to do or create anything. Your job is to lead a high-performance, ever-changing team of employees. According to the Tutor Total Principal, if you do not build power, you are building negligence. The company hopes you lead the team in a productive way. As a result, as the work environment is constantly evolving, you still need to increase strength. Highly trained employees need to know and show these high-performance characteristics. It is your job to help each employee develop these six traits as quickly as possible.

Reading/writing ability:

Teaching employees about company knowledge is called “business knowledge”. Invite senior executives to meetings to discuss your business. Distribute documents that address issues facing your industry about capacity building.

Academic work:

Encourage activists to be interested and self-directed by asking questions, reading, and chatting. Employees should be asked to learn about a capacity building of ​​the company or their technology and submit it to the rest of the team. Ask employees regularly “why”.


Capacity building to do the right thing in the right way. The goal is to improve your skills! Train regularly in all aspects of daily activities. At the next meeting, bring in experts and trainers, ask activists to read an article, and send a paragraph overview to others. Emerging technologies attract workers, which have nothing to do with their current role. Turn posts about your business.

Your public relations or the marketing department is engaged with potential customers with information. Request workers to take courses in business fields not directly related to their jobs, but to help them do a better job of accounting, finance, marketing, computer design, graphics, etc. People who are becoming professionals need to develop ways to train others.


Since most managers have never had formal training in strategic decision making, they are fewer decision-makers. Fact-based decision-making is essential when making a choice. — Teach citizens to categorize alternative actions, the right way to handle the root cause, problem-solving, gin hacking brainstorming, and alternative behavior. Case. Explain to workers how to evaluate alternative tasks in terms of feasibility, speed of implementation, ease of implementation, time to achieve performance, and overall, positive effects. When comparing options based on these criteria, not every option is the best.


When it comes to current assets and funding allocations, most workers are not innovative. Many workers believe that the corporation has a very large pocket and that spending money is the best way to solve any problem. Your bank is owned by the founders of the company. They expect you to be a careful, intelligent investor and a resource servant. Identify financial losses, avoid them and make good use of the money saved. Do not demand too much money or increase your budget; Find the money you need by cutting down on other unnecessary expenses!


Employees can choose to be accountable or be held accountable by default. Most workers are taught to be accountable. In your public schools and by many parents your workers have been taught to tell you where to go, what decisions to make and when to behave. How many times have your high school teachers asked you if you want to do homework on the weekends to improve your grades? Never! Instead of just talking, they ask you to make sure that completing your weekend homework is actually the best option.

Many workers believe they need permission to leave. Encourage action without authority when it comes to teaching workers to think responsibly and motivate them to take the right idea and take responsibility. Ask workers why they wait for the approval and re-examine their positions. Encourage them to take action based on their logic and thinking. Encourage and understand accountability and take a brief break when activists who know what you are looking for ask you a question. Let them think about what to do next.

You need to carefully decide how, where and in what capacity you are behind the scenes. Still in mind.